aluminum Product solutions

aluminium - flat products

AUDAX CORP offers a wide range of sizes and alloys from stock and from new delivery/production of aluminum plates, sheets, coils, chequered sheets, and coils. All the products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable European standards or under the norms/standards specified by the customer.

Aluminum plain sheets, coils and chequered sheets and coils

sizes from stock or with fast delivery form our long term partners:
  • plain sheets with thickness between 0,4 and 4 mm - 1050, 2017, 2024, 5754, 5083,6082, 6061, 6060
  • coils with thickness between 0,4 and 2 mm – 1050
  • chequered sheets with thickness between 0,9 and 6 mm – 1050 - 5 bar and diamond patterned.
  • sheets/coils stucco with thickness between 0.5 and 1.5 mm

Any other alloys and sizes apart from the aforementioned can be offered as optional new delivery according to customer's specification.

Options for surface protection:

Upon customer’s request goods can be delivered with safety foil or paper protector:

  • 50 microns – transparent
  • 60 microns – transparent blue
  • 80 microns – black and white with UV protection
  • 100 microns – black and white, suitable for laser cutting


AUDAX CORP supplies aluminum plates from long term partners with mills in Europe and Russia. They have continuously proven their quality control and precise execution of every order. 


  • Thickness – from 5 up to 210 mm
  • Alloys: 2017, 2024, 6082, 7020, 7075
  • Thermal treatment/temper: Т4, Т451, Т3, Т351, Т6, Т651

Special sizes and tolerances – customers have the opportunity to order with us dimensions outside the stock availability. Furthermore, we are capable of delivering aluminum plates with exact tolerances as per the specific requirements ordered by you.

aluminum - long products

A large variety of bars /round, square, flats , hexagons/, tubes and special profiles at customer’s order

Audax Corp offers a wide range of both in stock or with new delivery extruded or drawn bars:

  • Round bars from Ø5 up to Ø300mm
  • Square bars from 10х10mmup to 200х200mm
  • flat bars with thickness between 2 and 127 mm
  • Hexagons – from S12 up to S60

Alloys and their application:

Alloys for the production of screws, studs, nuts and threaded details

Alloy 2011 with thermal treatment T3/T6 and T8 - The most commonly used alloy for high-speed automated lathes. Advantages: simple machine processing with any type of equipment; lowest tension during cutting, which increases the useful lifespan of the cutting tools. The cutting area is always clean due to the extremely thin chip. It suitable for anodizing in several colors. Mainly used for the production of screws, studs, nuts, and threaded couplings.

Alloys 2030 and 2007 with thermal treatment T3 and T4 – In comparison to all other alloys used by high-speed automated lathes, alloys 2030 and 2007 have the best mechanical characteristics. Thus, they are most commonly used when combination between good machine processing features and superior mechanical properties are requested. They have low corrosion resistance. An excellent choice for the manufacturing of threaded rods, nuts, screws, etc.

Alloys for the production of components with high structural resistance, used in military and aircraft production industries

Alloy 2014 with thermal treatment T3/T4 and T6 –It shows superb mechanical properties, excellent fatigue resistance, good indications in forging, and average machine processing features.

Alloy 2017 with thermal treatment T3/T4/T6, and Alloy 2024 with thermal treatment T3 – Its has excellent mechanical properties and fatigue resistance. Not recommended for automated lathes as it produces long chips during  machine processing.

Alloy 7075 with thermal treatment T6 – Features exceptionally high mechanical properties and excellent fatigue resistance. It is also highly corrosion resistant and can be anodized. Anodization can be used as a protective layer, decoration element or tempering.

Sixth series alloys and their applications

6082 and 6061 with thermal treatment T6 – Average values of mechanical parameters, superb corrosion resistance, excellent welding properties, hot treatment and anodizing. These alloys are used mainly in the production of high voltage parts for land and maritime transport; anti-shock rods; door frames;cars’ sub-frames; hydraulic systems; ladders and scaffolding; platforms; screws and rivets; food industry

6026 with thermal treatment T6 and T8/T9 –This alloy is specifically designed as a replacement of 6262 in order to meet European environment requirements. It is a very good option for machine processing by high-speed automated lathes. It also has good corrosion resistance, medium high mechanical properties and good susceptibility to hard anodizing. 6026 does not contain tin /Sn/, which has proven to be causing cracks in the already manufactured elements when they are subjected to stress and high temperatures. It can replace 6061, 6082, 6064, 6042, 6262, 6012, 2007 and 2030. 6026 is used predominantly in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries, and in the production of screws, studs, nuts, and threaded couplings.

6064A with thermal treatment T6 and T8/T9 – The alloy has good machine processing characteristics and high mechanical properties. It has good corrosion resistance, and it is suitable for anodizing with the purpose of serving as protection, tempering or decoration. Used mainly in cars’ brake systems, structural components for urban construction, railways and heavy vehicles.

6262A with thermal treatment T6 and T8/T9 – This type of alloy is environmentally friendly, with 0 content of lead as compared to 6262. It features fine machine processing properties and high mechanical characteristics. It has good corrosion resistance, and it is suitable for anodizing with the purpose of serving as protection, tempering or decoration. It is the best choice for machine processing by high-speed automatic lathes, elements for automotive industry, automatic shafts, valves and connectors.

Tubes - extruded and drawn

Extruded pipes – These pipes are manufactured under accepted European standards, with maximum and minimum tolerances in geometry deviations. They can be offered in a variety of geometric shapes: square, round and rectangular. The most common alloy for pipes is 6082, which you will find in our stock. Nevertheless, you may send an inquiry to our offices for the delivery terms of alloy as per your current needs.

Drawn pipes/calibrated – AUDAX CORP offers the supply of drawn tubes. These production process guarantees  exceptional dimensional control and a superb finish of the pipe’s surface. These tubes are delivered only at customer’s request and are not kepton stock due to their strict and specific end use.

Custom tailored profiles

For more information on this topic, please refer to the Special Products Section.

aluminum ingots and ferro alloys

Delivery of primary and secondary aluminum alloy in ingots.

In order to strictly comply with customer’s requirements for the aluminum alloy demanded, detailed information on the contents of the various chemical elements is mandatory. 

Download the file containing information about the alloys offered /file titled “Aluminum alloy ingots”/

In addition to aluminum alloy in ingots, we also offer and make deliveries of ferroalloys. For more information, please contact our sales offices in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo.