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Lead’s high level properties include density, malleability, flexibility, electrical conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient. It also has low levels of elasticity module, elasticity limit, strength, hardness and melting point. Additionally, lead has very good corrosion resistance under all kinds of conditions, and it is easily alloyed with a lot of other metals and smoothly casted.

lead products - stock

Lead sheets

Lead sheets are building materials and play an important role in the chemical and other related industries. This is due to the lead’s resistance to a large spectrum of chemicals. Lead sheets are also used for roofing, flooring, insulation of X-ray rooms, and for the protection against gamma rays. Additionally, serve to reduce vibration and noise, and are employed in the production of anodes for electric galvanization. .

sizes and alloys:
  • Alloys - Pb 99,94 Cu, Pb99,94, Pb99,97, PbSb3, PbSb4, (6%Sb)
  • Thickness – from 0,5mm up to 100 mm
  • Width – from 10 up to 1300 mm

lead products - new production

Lead tubes

Our company offers seamless tubes manufactured trough extrusion. Due to corrosion resistance and flexibility,these products are used in the chemical industry and in the water pipeline and water distribution systems. Tubes for these industries are made mainly from chemical lead with residual copper content from 0.04 up to 0.08%, and silver content between 0.002 and 0.02%.

Lead profiles

AUDAX CORP offers toothed profiles for large scale shields against radiation. One of the main advantages of these profiles is the combination between various thicknesses and precisely cut lengths specified by the customer.

  • Thickness – from 8 up to 30 mm
  • Width –100mm
  • Length –as per customer’s order

Lead bricks

Lead bricks, offered in PbSb3 alloy and in various shapes, are mainly used for radiation safety in laboratories and at workplaces..


This product serves as additional material in the welding process of metal parts.

Lead wool

The advantage of this product is that it allows to be placed in difficult to reach places.

Sizes and packaging:

  • fine lead wool–Ø 0,4 mm
  • rough lead wool–intersepting fibers sizing from 1,5 up to 2,00 mm
  • Packaging – 25 kg each

Lead alloys in ingots

Mainly used in the production of batteries, accumulators, dyes, cable coatings, and in the foundry industry. For more information on the offered alloys, please download the attached file