copper and copper alloys - brass and bronze

Copper is a resistant and ductile metal with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance. It sustains its mechanical and electrical properties at low temperatures. Therefore, copper and its alloys are used in a very broad list of final products: electric power lines, cookware, electrical wiring and busbars, highly conductive wires, electrodes, heat exchangers, plumbing, heating, refrigeration and cooling air conditioning systems. Last but not least, copper is widely employed in architectural design and construction decorations.

copper flat bars

Due to its excelent electric conductivity copper flat and round bars together with extruded profiles are prefered in the electric industry. They are inseperable part of the

copper products

EN standards and their applications – please download the file

  • wires – from Ø 3 up to Ø 5 mm, and alloys ECu57, Cu-ETP, CW001A
  • round rods - from Ø5up to Ø 150 mm
  • flat bars – from 20x3 up to 150x25, R200, R230, R250, R260, R280 and R300
  • squares - from 20x20 up to 100x100
  • trips and coils – thickness from 0,20 mm up to 20 mm, and variations Cu-ETP, Cu-PHC,Cu- HCP, Cu-DLP, Cu-DHP
  • copper profile tubes
  • copper tubes R220 - soft
  • copper tubes R220 - semi hard
  • copper tubes R290 - hard 

tubes can be either extruded or drawn, depending on customer’s request

Types of copper offered out of stock or as a new delivery

  • Copper cathodes: Cu-CATH-1 and Cu-CATH-2
  • Pure copper - with now alloying: Cu-ETP, Cu-FRHC, Cu-OF, Cu-FRTP
  • Copper containing phosphorus: Cu-PHC, Cu-HCP, Cu-DLP, Cu-DHP, Cu-DXP
  • Copper with silver content: CuAg0,04, CuAg0,07, CuAg0,10

extruded profiles – for more information, please refer to the Special Products Section



Brass is a two-component alloy containing copper and zinc. It has different properties depending on the content of these two elements. Overall, this alloy provides good machine processing and could be easily formed without losing its high durability.Brass with lower zinc content is easily cold treated, welded and soldered. High copper content supports the creation of patina /oxide layer/ surface, which further protects from corrosion. This alloy has good thermal and electrical conductivity /from 23 up to 44 %/, and is wear resistant. Brass is the common name for more than 60 different types of copper-zinc alloys.


  • rods - from Ø 3up to Ø 150 mm
  • squares – from 3х3 up to 50х50mm
  • hexagons - from S4 up toS70mm
  • flat bars – from 40х4 up to 100х10
  • sheets - thickness from 0,5 up to 4 mm
  • strips - thickness from 0,10 up to 1mm
  • wires – from Ø 0,8 up to Ø3 mm
  • pipes – from 8x1 up to 75x5

Brass alloys in stock

  • CuZn37
  • CuZn39Pb3
  • CuZn38Pb1

Brass alloys from new production

Special products

  • pipes and rods produced by continuous casting, with external diameter between Ø 30 and Ø 160 mm


General information

Bronze is a copper alloys containing approximately 12% tin. Bronze alloys may contain aluminum, magnesium, nickel or zinc, as well as non-metallic inclusions or metalloids, such as silicon and phosphorus. All these additives contribute to the metal’s greater strength as compared to pure copper, and they also support other useful features, such as rigidity, plasticity and workability.

Wide application range:

  • Industry – The most available bronze alloys are the alloys tin bronzes and aluminum bronzes. Bronze is used for ship propellers and electrical sockets. Bearing housings are often made from bronze due to the good friction parameters. Last but not least, aluminum bronze is especially convenient for the production of bearings and metal-cutting machines.
  • Mechanical Engineering - bushings and hydraulics
  • Sculpture
  • Musical instruments- bells, steel strings’coils, etc.
  • Coins and medals


  • Bronze alloys – aluminum, lead, tin, and red bronze

Products from stock:

  • round pipes
  • round bars

Products - new production

  • New delivery of bars produced by continuous or centrifugal casting, with diameters up to Ø1600 mm
  • square rods
  • flat bars
  • hexagonal
  • tubes
  • strips
  • plates

Special products with external diameter from Ø 80 up to Ø 1600 mm, and maximum length of 1500 mm

  • bronze - outsize conductor bushings with an external step
  • bronze - outsize bushings with rough machine processing
  • bushings with rough machine processing
  • bronze – large friction rings
  • bronze – outsize pipe bushings

Bronze alloys and aplication download the file