spring steels

Thanks to spring steel, the form of an end product can be changed after being loaded and then returned to its original shape once the load is removed. The stretching ability is essential in the production of this kind of steel.
When using this steel, the load could be in the form of pressure, pulling or twisting. The main alloying elements employed in the manufacturing of this type of steel are as follows: Silicon /Si/, Chromium /Cr/, Manganese /Mn/and Vanadium /V/.

spring steel grades and products

Whether the spring steel is meant for spiral or flat springs, it is always annealed after forming, and it is usually supplied in a tempered state. If a uniform structure of the cross section is to be achieved, alloyed steel will have to be used in the production of large springs.


50CrV4, 55Cr3, 55Si7, 60Si7, 60SiCr7, 54SiCr6, 60SiCr8, 60SiMn5, 65Si7


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