Structural steels

Structural steels are standard steels in different grades with specific chemical composition and mechanical properties meeting their application.

structural steels - standard steels in different grades

Structural steel is standard steel in different grades with specific chemical composition and mechanical properties meeting their application. They are mainly used for metal structures of any type and construction. The main grades of structural steel are S235J2/JR, S275J2/JR, S355J2/JR, S355K2W, etc.


  • S – indicates that this is a structural steel
  • 235 – steel’s minimum yield strength
  • J2/K2/JR/JO – it shows the metal’s resilience to crushing/breaking and the applied methodology of the V'notch test
  • Z - structural steel with improved strength perpendicular to the surface
  • C – cold deformation

Depending on the production process and the chemical composition, additional letters and classifications could be added to the general grades of this steel.

products and grades:

AUDAX CORP offers various brands and sizes of hot rolled and cold drawn steel with further surface processing:


S235JR/JO/J2, S275JR/JO/J2, S355JR/J0/J2, E355, E360


  • hot rolled bars- from Ø 14up toØ 330mm
  • cold drawn bars- from Ø 4up to Ø 90mm
  • hot rolled squares – from 10x10 up to 300x300 mm
  • cold drawn squares – from 8x8 up to 80x80 mm
  • hot rolled flat bars – from 10x3 up to 200x20 mm
  • cold drawn flat bars – from 8x7 up to 200x20
  • hot rolled angles - 20x20x3 up to 200x200x5
  • hot rolled profiles -
  • seamless pipes
  • cold drawn hexagonsl – from 6 up to 100 mm
  • cold drawn angles in grade S235JR – on request – from 10х10х2 up to 100х100х10mm
  • cold drawn unequal angles in grade S235JR – on request – from 25х15х3 up to 100х50х10mm
  • cold drawn T-shaped steel in grade S235JR – on request – from 20х20х3 up to 79х79х9
  • peeled – from Ø 10 up to Ø 370
  • custom tailored profiles /for more information, please visit the Special Products Section/



AUDAX CORP trades with cold formed steel profiles /C, U, Σ and Z/. C, U, Σ are produced by Audax's sister company MAXTER S.O.P. Ltd ( All types of cold shaped profiles are extensively used as components in the construction of various metal structures. Their are very easy to assemble and their specific geometric characteristics result in profiles’ high loading capacity and lower weight as compared to hot rolled profiles. Thus, their usage results in reduced cost of the various types of metal structures while  having equal or larger inertia and resistant moments.

Audax Corp offers the following options for deliveries of cold formed profiles and equal angles:

  • profiles and angles made from hot rolled sheet metal - grades S235, S275, S355
  • profiles and angles from cold rolled sheet metal - grades DC01
  • profiles and angles from hot-dipped galvanized sheet metal (grade DX51) 
  • Punched profiles and angles from cold rolled or hot rolled steel - subsequently galvanized at a galvanizing mill.

N.B. :At customer’s request, profiles can be delivered in non-standard lengths


Depending on the pipe’s end use, Audax Corp can offer electro-welded pipes either from stock or new deliveries/production.

Electro-welded pipes can be longitudinally or spirally welded. Pipes’ OD can range from Ø6 up to Ø2500mm and wall thickness between 0.5 mm and 40 mm.

The raw material used in the production of round or profiled electro-welded pipes is flat steel /cold rolled, hot rolled or hot dip galvanized / in the form of coils, strips and even sheets. In principal, the physical properties of the pipe are determined by the input material, but if additional properties are required, it could undergo further thermal or cold treatments.

Our company offers all kinds cold and hot deformed pipes.

Basic sizes and brands of pipes available on stock

Grade S235, DD11, DC01
wall thickness from 0,5 up to 5 mm
OD from Ø10 up to Ø 159
profile pipes’ sizes from 10x10 up to 250x150


Besides the grades and sizes kept on stock, AUDAX CORP can offer delivery for any of your inquiries thanks to the long-term relations  established with major producers of cold and hot deformed electro-welded and spirally welded pipes. Should you need an offer or a delivery, please contact our team. We guarantee you swift reply, competitive delivery terms, and product’s highest quality.

You can also take advantage of the following additional requirements for the pipes:

  • supply of exact length
  • strict tolerances
  • hole punching
  • additonal galzvanization of the pipe