stainless steel

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Stainless steel groups:


Contains at least 16 % chromium and 6 % nickel. The related grades range from the regular 304 to the super austenitic steel, such as 904L and steel containing 6 % molybdenum.
Steel’s quality may change if elements such as molybdenum, titanium and copper are added to its composition. These modifications can make the metal suitable for use at high temperatures, or they can increase its corrosion resistance.

Austenitic stainless products are non-magnetic and not suitable for tempering by hot treatment. Additionally, when cold worked they rapidly work-harden. Nevertheless, among the other stainless steel groups, they are the most readily formed.

Application:kitchen sinks; architectural solutions for roofs and cladding; windows and doors; heat exchangers; food preparation areas; food processing machines; ovens and chemical containers.


This type of steels have chromium as their major alloying element (Cr content from 10,5 up to 18%). They are known for their low resistance to corrosion and poor processing properties. Improved ferritic steel, consisting of additional alloying which are present in grades such as as 434 and 444.

Application: motor vehicles’ exhausts, fuel pipelines, cooking utensils, architectural design solutions and home appliances


This steel is distinguished from the ferritic one by its high content of carbon and low content of chromium. It includes grades 410 and 416, and it is not suitable for cold forming. It is magnetic with poor anti-corrosion and welding characteristics.

Application: cutlery, knife blades, surgical instruments, springs and fasteners.


High chromium and low nickel content which combines the qualities of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel-  resistant to cracking under stress, without being able to reach the level of endurance possessed by ferritic steel. Its strength, however is better than the rigidity of the ferritic steel, yet inferior to the one of the austenitic grades.

Duplex stainless steels include alloys like 2304 and 2205 with 23% chromium, 4% nickel and 22%chromium, 5% nickel and are equl or superior to grades 304 and 316 (chloride attack resistance).

Application:heat exchangers, shipbuilding, desalination plants, pickled foods production, oil and gas platforms, chemical and petrochemical plants.

offered goods from stainless steel

Coils, sheets, pipes, rods, rails and angles.

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