custom tailored profiles from ferrous and non ferrous metals

custom design

Since 2014, Audax Corp has been supplying customer ordered hot rolled and cold drawn profiles of ferrous metals, as well as cold drawn profiles of non-ferrous metals. Some of these products can be manufactured in solid form or with an opening:


  • pneumatics
  • automotive
  • hydraulics
  • locking systems
  • machine engineering
  • military industry
  • mining industry
  • construction of bridges and tunnels
  • power systems

Our company guarantees the quality of the extruded final product, for we have developed serious relationships with major manufacturers of such profiles in Europe and Russia. Our partners have established practices and certification for the highest level of supervision of profiles’ final sizes, chemical composition analysis, and mechanical properties.


  • 100 % guaranteed quality
  •  savingsof materials up to 60 %
  • excellent surface quality
  • good mechanical properties
  • reduction of all costs related to mechanical processing and instruments’ tear and wear


  • reliable reproduction as a result of automation
  • achievement of precise margins
  • resistance to high pressure
  • excellent machine processing
  • unlimited number of options for profiles’ design

non-ferrous profiles:

  • Aluminum – alloys 2024, 2017, 2007, 6082, 6061 and many others
  • Copper – as per customer’s order
  • Brass - as per customer’s order

ferrous profiles:

Depending on customer’s preferences and product’s end-use, the profiles may be produced by cold or hot drawing or rolling. Our partners offer a large variety of steel grades that can be ordered.

For more information and current inquiries, please contact our teams in Plovdiv or Veliko Tarnovo.