Audax Corp ltd. Supplies low, medium, high and steel with ultra high content of carbon.

carbon steel groups:


They contain less than 0,25% of carbon and cannot be hardened by thermal treatment. They have very good ductility, strength and are easily machine processed and welded.


Contains between 0,25 and 0,60% of carbon and can be hardened by thermal treatment - quick liquid cooling and annealing (Q+T), which results in better mechanical properties allowing the withstanding of enormous loads.


Also known as carbon tool steel with a carbon content from 0,55 up to 0,95% and magnesium content between 0,30 to 0,90 %. This steel is perfect for the manufacturing of springs and wires, for it keeps its shape unchanged for a long period of time.


Carbon content between 0,96% and 2,1%. The increased contenct of carbon makes the steel difficult for cutting, bending and welding. When tempered, it becomes extremely hard, yet fragile if the metal is not handled properly.


С10, С22, С30, С35, С40, С45, С50, С60, SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1020, SAE 1025, SAE1030, SAE1035, SAE1040, SAE1045, SAE1050, SAE1060, SAE1070, SAE1090

products and sizes:

  • hot rolled rods - from Ø15up to Ø330mm
  • cold rolled rods - from Ø 3up to Ø90mm
  • hot rolled squares – from 10x10 up to 300x300 mm
  • cold drawn squares – from 8x8 up to 80x80 mm
  • hot rolled flat bars – from 10x3 up to 200x20 mm
  • cold drawn bus bars – at customer’s request – from 8x7 up to 200x20
  • cold drawn hexagons – from 6 up to 100 mm
  • turned – from Ø10 up to Ø370
  • seamless pipes
  • forged pipes
  • custom tailored profiles /for more information, please visit the Special Products Section/

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