audax corp news and events


Automated machine/circular/ for cutting aluminum plates - mayer al 160/200

We expect in 2024 to be instaled in the warehouse Plovdiv automated machine/circular/ for cutting aluminum plates - mayer al 160/200


Technological upgrade 2023

With a view to sustainable development and in step with the new environmental norms and trends, Audax Corp Ltd. invested in entirely new lifting and transport machines for the company's warehouses in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo.


New product - transport pallets - innovation

In May 2022, Audax Corp Ltd. added to its product portfolio innovative transport pallets made of hot-pressed cellulose.


Service Center Upgrade - KASTO WIN A 3.3

Audax Corp purchased the newest member of the Kasto's family - Kasto win A 3.3. - automatic band sawing machine for long products from ferrous and non ferrous metals.


Donation to the "Hope for the Little Ones Foundation"

Audax Corp made a donation to the Foundation "Hope for the Little Ones" by the purchase of Christmas cards.


Recognition for Audax Corp Ltd.

Audax Corp Ltd. had the honor to be part of the 2015 national and regional ranking for most dynamically growing companies in Bulgaria