AUDAX CORP's managers' and employees' long term experience in the market for service providing and sales of ferrous and non ferrous metals, sets the future path ahead of the company's plans and vision.  We believe that the current Bulgarian and foreign markets are dynamically changing in the search of exceptional quality of product solutions from ferrous and non ferrous metals. The present trend in metals’ trading set's the rule where extensive stock availability of goods and grades is not longer a solution for business growth and development. What makes us a reliable partner is the focus on customer's specific needs together with a good stock variety of the most regularly purchased goods. Thus, your contact with us will allow us to have a detailed discussion about your present production needs and will result in a solution proposal based on your specific needs.


The company operates trade facilities in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo which attend to the daily needs of both individuals and companies from the respective region. In these facilities you will find a large variety of nonferrous and ferrous metals meeting the current market demand.

annual or quarter orders

Additionally, the company’s two warehouses are used for the storage of specific customers’ orders which are gradually shipped out within agreed schedules. Irrespective of the form, mechanical properties, chemical composition and state of the metal you are looking for, our team will carefully address even an inquiry related to the delivery of a new product’s sample that will help you start or expand a relationship with a busness partner of yours.

This option ensures the availability of specific products at any given time.  We strongly believe that this service strongly facilitates the time for planning and logistics of deliveries and enables each customer to use the spare hours to expand and improve its business processes and partnerships.

industries and partners

AUDAX CORP believes in a future, where both customers and suppliers maintain  sustainable long-term partnerships, since that may be the main prerequisite for compromises that are essential in any business cooperation . So far, we have established such relationships with companies operating in the following industries: automotive; manufacturing of hydraulic components; aircraft construction; shipbuilding; military production; medicine; construction of bridges; production of turbines and generators; components and accessories for the oil and gas industry; production of switchboards, transformers, plumbing, heating, refrigerating, cooling and air conditioning systems; production of machine parts and other details; decorations and modern arts; production of spare parts for all kinds of machines; foundry; etc.


To deliver the future – high quality product solutions from ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Latest news


Service Center Upgrade - KASTO WIN A 3.3

Audax Corp purchased the newest member of the Kasto's family - Kasto win A 3.3. - automatic band sawing machine for long products from ferrous and non ferrous metals.


Donation to the "Hope for the Little Ones Foundation"

Audax Corp made a donation to the Foundation "Hope for the Little Ones" by the purchase of Christmas cards.


Recognition for Audax Corp Ltd.

Audax Corp Ltd. had the honor to be part of the 2015 national and regional ranking for most dynamically growing companies in Bulgaria